Relentless Positivity

This appears to be the message emanating from my workplace. And, although it can be wearing at times, I think the optimists are right. It is all too easy to get dragged down at the moment – so many obstacles in the way of high standards, so hard not to keep looking back to how things used to be… We need to accept that, given the restrictions, we are doing a GOOD JOB. Certainly better than the alternative of sending all the young people home to fend for themselves online. (My particular heroes are the creative arts department, who have to be extremely…creative! Fancy teaching music with no singing? Drama, with 30 Year 7s stuck down in their seats?)

So, looking on the bright side it is!

Walking the South Downs is always therapeutic. (In the distance you can just see the other side of the famous ‘V’ mentioned here: And you can tell West Sussex is very keen on its poppies – I wonder how long they will remain there?) Good for the step count too. Since I scored around 28000 steps that first week I have upped my target to 35000 – which I know is still pathetic compared to many of you but a substantial improvement for me!

My other positive plan is to get to the Artemisia Gentileschi exhibition at the National Gallery. I would be gutted to miss this, but ducking around Covid closures before it ends in January is not going to be straightforward. Anyone managed it?

Challenges for November

Some known, some anticipated, others not.

It seems we are all about to face them – again.

I had already decided to do more of the above. We did manage to get to several National Trust places over half term – bit soggy, but so, so worth it. The pictures above were taken this morning at Sheffield Park, near Uckfield in Sussex. And I have set myself a (rather lenient!) target on my step counter – 25,000 in the first week. 6,200 today. So we’ll see!

The big decision, though, is work. I teach in a secondary school. In September I agreed to return till Christmas to cover full time for an absent colleague. But the Covid levels are shooting up, we now have lockdown – and the schools are to remain open. What to do… ? My family are opposed. I feel totally healthy but I do have risk factors. I am not committed (contractually or financially) to carry on with this job. BUT I want to, and I would feel very bad pulling out just when they need me. So I have the next three days to weigh it all up. Hmm.

Whatever the outcome, I am hoping to be more productive this month than I managed during the first few weeks of the Spring lockdown. More action on the Etsy front, for a start. I never stop actually spinning, dyeing and creating stuff – just put off the boring bits, like uploading photos and listing new items. They pile up in a classy wicker basket, looking rather smug. I enjoy them enormously – but that is not quite the point.

I am also considering embarking on a blogging challenge – but that needs a bit more reflection. Some might (probably will) think that I should put a great deal more effort into sussing out the new WordPress before I try to get too clever. Honestly, it was a doddle before but now I get endless error messages, things disappear and it tells me I have NO RIGHT to edit anymore!!

It’s mostly the image blocks that get me in trouble. Hence the scruffy presentation at the top there. I will try to do better.