Challenges for November

Some known, some anticipated, others not.

It seems we are all about to face them – again.

I had already decided to do more of the above. We did manage to get to several National Trust places over half term – bit soggy, but so, so worth it. The pictures above were taken this morning at Sheffield Park, near Uckfield in Sussex. And I have set myself a (rather lenient!) target on my step counter – 25,000 in the first week. 6,200 today. So we’ll see!

The big decision, though, is work. I teach in a secondary school. In September I agreed to return till Christmas to cover full time for an absent colleague. But the Covid levels are shooting up, we now have lockdown – and the schools are to remain open. What to do… ? My family are opposed. I feel totally healthy but I do have risk factors. I am not committed (contractually or financially) to carry on with this job. BUT I want to, and I would feel very bad pulling out just when they need me. So I have the next three days to weigh it all up. Hmm.

Whatever the outcome, I am hoping to be more productive this month than I managed during the first few weeks of the Spring lockdown. More action on the Etsy front, for a start. I never stop actually spinning, dyeing and creating stuff – just put off the boring bits, like uploading photos and listing new items. They pile up in a classy wicker basket, looking rather smug. I enjoy them enormously – but that is not quite the point.

I am also considering embarking on a blogging challenge – but that needs a bit more reflection. Some might (probably will) think that I should put a great deal more effort into sussing out the new WordPress before I try to get too clever. Honestly, it was a doddle before but now I get endless error messages, things disappear and it tells me I have NO RIGHT to edit anymore!!

It’s mostly the image blocks that get me in trouble. Hence the scruffy presentation at the top there. I will try to do better.

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