Bang on with late July trees!

This one is none too exciting in July…

And my special tree has also lost its party clothes ( still makes a brilliant den for a five year old though!)

This one is plain weird, but might be the winner for July:

The young Judas tree is not doing much either – it’s developing a rather odd shape, so maybe needs some attention

No-one seems to know what tree number 5 is – but it has clearly lost a chunk from the middle!

Every one of the trees in these gardens with a trunk over 10 cms diameter has a protection order on it. I’m not sure which bit of number 5 would count as the part to be measured….

Overall, I think the flower beds are looking rather tired and straggly now:

And looking at these last two pictures I am struggling not to mention the A word – come on, it’s only late JULY!

In a more reliable world we would have been on the Newhaven ferry yesterday. We dithered a while, then cancelled, at least for the moment. We are still booked to return from Dieppe at the end of the month, so maybe we haven’t given up altogether… just mustn’t forget that bit! Decision time by the end of this week, I think.