Apparently that is what I should be doing this week. It is Etsy Speak. NO, not ripping up all my work. I think it means kits. Now that we have all this extra time (???) we allegedly want to make everything ourselves. So the Marketing Magi have decreed that we stuff our materials into a bag and tell everyone to get on with it!

As it happens, I do already have beginners’ kits for fingerless gloves, hats for newcomers to circular needles and some cowls for anyone wanting to have a go at simple modular knitting.

Any other suggestions?

How weird cool to be on trend…

Strange response?


To Lockdown, that is. Grey? Muffled? Distinctions all blurred, no way out of the mist? (try spotting the sea in today’s photo above!) Some days I seem to be floating in another world. It’s not alarming – I function just fine, working, producing meals, registering family quarrels, sorting what I can…. but time is suspended and I feel like an observer. Maybe I should be alarmed – because it is really growing on me! I am spending hours by myself – designing, creating, reading – with hardly any interruptions – and I LOVE it! Much as I do miss family visits, the idea of going back out there and dealing with all those people… !! Maybe this is just a mood.

How are you reacting?