Late October Trees – in a mighty hurry

To get off to France, that is. And anyway, the trees are pretty dull right now – we don’t seem to do much autumn colour in this garden.

Actually, apart from tree 3 which is currently rather elegant, this lot look pretty scruffy.

Flower beds not much better:

But I have designs on flower bed 3 – I have adopted it for 2022 as a one-off (can’t get too carried away!) memorial garden for my daughter. At her event last month we made a start on planting almost 40 kilos of daffodils. Crocus and tulips in the next three weeks….only about 20 kilos to go….We’ll see!

Back soon – maybe without any trees involved.

3 thoughts on “Late October Trees – in a mighty hurry”

  1. I like the idea of a memorial garden for your daughter … all those daffodils, tulips and crocuses will make it look gorgeous in the spring. It is a wonderful way to remember her through the flowers you have planted! I feel a bit baffled about your garden as I can see a pathway leading off in the background of the Tree No. 4 photo which gives me the impression that you have a very large garden or it is a community garden. Pure curiosity that’s all LOL! keep well Amanda x


    1. Amanda – it is an enclosed private garden, left in trust (in 1846) to the terrace of houses around it – bit like the London Squares of the same period, but on a smaller scale. There are several of them in Brighton. Perfect solution – we have a real gardener to do all the boring stuff, but plenty of space for anyone inspired to add their own touches. We are so lucky to have it – you can imagine what a difference it made in lockdown.


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