Late with late May trees

Same old trees – but, I realise, not the same year after year! The problem with sticking rigidly to an end-of-the-month schedule is that the weather gets in the way. May 2021 was cold, very wet and miserable here in SE UK. This meant that tree number one, which was spectacular in May last year, had all its blossom pelted off in a few days in week three this time. The winner for May is clearly tree number 4 – a young Judas tree with glorious colour, even on such a grey day. This month (June) my money is on tree number two – the mock orange. Fingers crossed – this is a very special tree for me.

Bare ruin’d choirs…

‘when yellow leaves, or none, or few….’

Very impressed by tree skeletons right now. And Autumn is crashing past. Such a melancholy time. Not helped by rainstorms, covid, lockdowns and general depression…not to mention outrageous attacks on democracy. And yet – there is great beauty out there.

(And, actually, if you look carefully, still ‘sweet birds’ singing!)