Says it all…

Dark and gloomy. This was our local pub – on New Year’s Eve! I’ve hardly crept out since. A few quick trips down to the seafront – but not if the sun is out…

We had a very cold snap a few days ago. Feeling rather smug, I went to dig out a superior, extra warm alpaca and merino blanket I made during the first lockdown in the Spring. By the time I had finished knitting it,of course, we were into a heatwave, so it went into store. Nasty surprise when I retrieved it – in dozens of pieces! Absolutely typical – once the knitting was completed I just never got round to stitching it all together – a chore I loathe. So now I am spending my mornings sprawled across the floor, trying to join it all up before the weather changes…

I definitely don’t have the hang of these image blocks yet, but I won’t be defeated. Anyway, it does manage to make the log cabin design look as confusing as it actually is…I’m off to face up to another strip!

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