Whoa there, December…

The month that nearly got away – just one hour left for a blog post.

If there can be such a thing as a ‘whirl of indecision’, then that characterised December round here. And no doubt all over the country too – travel plans made and scrubbed, food ordered and frozen, turkeys NOT bought till the very last minute, then mysteriously out of stock….overloaded at work, then suddenly ordered home by the phone app. on the very day my daughter and her little people came out of isolation….

But of course I understand why – and I do appreciate how thoughtfully protected I have been at work (teaching in a secondary school) and how lucky we are to have escaped the virus so far.

There were some peaceful moments too – and even a rather productive space in the unique time frame now apparently known as ‘Twixtmas’.

The pictures above were taken on Christmas Eve.

Happy New Year from SpinningStreak.

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