Joining in this for the first time!


Walking over the misty Sussex Downs. Thinking Ravilious.


Reading: three sorts of scary.


But also dipping into these.


Making: wonky bread, marmalade, quince jelly and chutney.

Version 2

And making fires – LOTS of them.


Sorting china – plenty more where that came from…(the roof!)


Watching and waiting – think the narcissi are winning!


Listing: in the Etsy shop – cosy stuff! Cushions, cowls leg warmers…

AND plenty of time spent BlogLoving: this month I have particularly enjoyed:





4 thoughts on “January-ing”

  1. Hi Susan. Nice to meet you, it is a pleasure to discover your blog. Thanks for your mention, very kind.
    I am not one for scary reads, but I have been tempted by Leila Slimani’s book. Is it really really scary? I just finished Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas. Christina


    1. Hello Christina. Nice to hear from you.
      Yes, that nanny did stay with me for quite a while! Shocking first page. Very simple prose, but relentless. I think it would have been even more scary when I was actually employing nannies – long past that now! Susan.


  2. Thanks for the mention, and lovely to discover a new blog. The marmalade looks delicious, it will be perfect on your homemade bread. And the fire is very welcoming, perfect for reading by I think!


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