France, Summer 2021, after all.

Discovering splendid municipal architecture in Évreux, and castles in Lapalisse and Châteldon (the home town of Pierre Laval, though that doesn’t get much of a mention in the tourist office!)

I am also quite a fan of the N7, but I think this rather large sign in Lapalisse is new:

Likewise this rather alarming roadside cross that has appeared right outside the front gate… I think over the last year European money has restored several of these 19th century calvaires which had disappeared during the late 20th century.

We’ll get used to it!

Reading, walking, eating….and several sessions with the dye pots, mostly sock yarn this time.

I also took some pictures of a corridor my daughter decided to decorate some years ago:

We are holding a memorial event to celebrate her life on Sunday. This is necessary, but not easy. I think I will take my late September tree pictures on the same day – still a really useful prop!

2 thoughts on “France, Summer 2021, after all.”

  1. Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos of the monuments you have visited…impressive indeed! Lovely varieted shades of yarn. I am going to have a browse in your Etsy shop :-). Your daughter’s gorgeous wall paintings a memorial of its own. keep well. Amanda x


    1. Thank you for kind words, Amanda!
      You’re right, the wall paintings have taken on a new significance now. We’re hoping to get back to France for a few days next week and one of my tasks is to try to find some kind of sealant for them – the plaster gets damp and can crumble off -I was always nagging my daughter to touch up those walls again!


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