Bluebells for Teresa

In memory of Teresa Kasner, who would certainly have appreciated them. I can only echo the thoughts of CJ, Christina, Meredith and so many others who have lost a blogging friend. Teresa’s background, life and even interests may have been quite different from mine – but it didn’t matter, her warmth and enthusiasms meant it was impossible to miss a post. I am shocked and saddened there will be no more. Thank you, Teresa – and condolences to all your family, especially Dayle.

Such grief and darkness at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Bluebells for Teresa”

  1. First of all I am so sorry for your loss. I am sending you love as you travel this path that no Mother or parent should. Thank you for your wonderful post on Teresa. She was a light to so many and will be missed. Stay safe and take care of yourself. I find so much comfort in trees, much more than flowers.


    1. Thank you, Meredith. My daughter was 34 and died so suddenly and unexpectedly that it makes the world feel pretty unstable – not so much mysterious as just wrong. But we have to manage. (And I’m glad I didn’t invent your name, after all!)


      1. I am so, so sorry for you and your family. Any parents worst nightmare, I know that it is mine. She wouldn’t want you to stop writing and you do it so well. Our azaleas are going over but we have honeysuckle and sweet peas to look forward to. X


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