Not winning after all.

Of course I wasn’t. The Demons of WordPress always get the last word. Just after I’d finished typing yesterday this appeared. And would NOT go away again. So the only way I could recover (most) of my post was by digging around in my History and copying/pasting what I had written all over again, without any edits. Grrr. But I will crack this in the end.

No luck either on the step count. I left my phone behind this morning – so my Tuesday total is, in fact, a total mystery. I will have to make up for it later in the week.

I also managed to lose my swipe card at work – the little pouch thing on the lanyard had an open side and I assume the magnetic card fell out when I got lassoed by a door handle at lunchtime… The office were very good about it. I do appreciate their positive attitude – and working with teenagers is a real privilege (despite all their occasional nonsense!). So the decision is still hard….

One of those days!

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