Visit Brighton


But NOT right now. It is not itself (and, of course, we all know why).

I love this city – my home for nearly half a century.  Normally so tolerant and accepting, there is now an edge of suspicion. We are forced to be unwelcoming  – I do understand why we turn away tourists at the station. There are unsettling incidents  – I don’t understand why we need three police ( two clearly NOT socially distanced!) to move on one lone adult sitting by himself on a deserted sea front….we are not talking Bank Holiday crowds here…

I think of myself as a very law-abiding citizen. But I have never felt more like marching onto the (totally empty) beach and sitting down on the pebbles. Just because.

I won’t. I’ll watch the sea from my windows. I’ll be grateful for the private gardens we are so privileged to access.

And look forward to this!IMG_5639

3 thoughts on “Visit Brighton”

  1. J > It’s difficult to imagine Brighton as quiet as that. It’s 23 years since I was last there. We do have a couple of police in Uist & Barra, but it’s very rare we see them. We have a lot of people completely disregarding the social distancing rules. Because there are no known cases of C….v….s here, let alone deaths, many people have become very complacent.


    1. I have been reading back on your blog – what a different life, at least in some ways! I wish I could pronounce those Gaelic names. The nearest I have been to you is Mallaig and Skye a couple of years ago – you prob. think they are quite provincial! I’m pretty sure I have spun Hebridean (small animals, very dark fleece?) Now people want super-soft but I get fed up with merino…. Do keep up the spinning and weaving!


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