Autumn in the Auvergne

Early days:

Later on though:

TOTAL quince harvest this year:

Poor quality photo of PART of quince harvest a couple of years ago….

All the more precious – I had to be ridiculously careful this year to produce a very small pot of quince jelly, which will be squirrelled away till Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Autumn in the Auvergne”

  1. Don’t eat it all at once.
    “Then hath thy orchard fruit, thy garden flowers, Fresh as the air and new as are the hours. The early cherry, with the later plum, Fig, grape and quince each in his time doth come: The blushing apricot and woolly peach Hang on thy walls that every child may reach.”


    1. I thought I was being really clever with a “quince “ quote (Ben Johnson – The Forest. To Penshurst) I now realise it may be insensitive and I am sorry.


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