Late September Trees and a Fitting Memorial

Same five trees, same two flower beds. No-one seems able to identify the rather weird fifth tree. It produces its flowers (first picture, below) in late September and keeps them all winter and right through the spring. Any ideas?

The flower beds are mostly back to green now. I really like the one in the last picture though – it makes me think of fireworks!

The photos were taken early in the morning, just before we set up for my daughter’s memorial event. We were anxious to hold it in these gardens – she spent a lot of time here. We put up a proper marquee, as well as the black film tent, so that the choir wouldn’t be rained off. As it happened, we were really lucky with the weather. We even managed to get people to make a start on planting spring bulbs – we have decided to set up a tulip bed for next year – my daughter was an artist who loved colour!

It was a very moving experience. People had travelled serious distances – several had had to switch to trains because of petrol shortages. Many had brought babies, some were elderly. Tears and laughter all at once. We heard so many stories- many of them quite new to us- and we do feel we have now paid our daughter the tribute that Covid denied her at the time. Overwhelming moments, certainly, but ultimately such a warm and supportive event that it was indeed life-affirming.

6 thoughts on “Late September Trees and a Fitting Memorial”

      1. Oh come come!! For 50 years you thought poor Tinus was tree and now you are casting nasturtiums on its genus! Admittedly it should only grow to about 8 feet but your Tinus thinks it’s a tree and will still give you fragrant white flowers and beautiful blue berries throughout the winter. Surely you can make an exception in this case? I will be interested to see what next month’s heading will be.


      2. Just spotted this comment – I should have better blogging manners….
        That giant bush does appear to be sulking this year though – hardly any flowers at all. And there seems to be a move amongst the neighbours to replace it with lavender – maybe it’s heard the rumours! (50 years is a little excessive – I first noticed it about 10 years ago, but I think it’s done at least 20)


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