Hic sunt dracones….

And plenty of them…

Half term fun. Dragon hunting with a five year old in Brighton Pavilion.

She was less keen on this:

She refused to believe anyone had ever eaten it. In fact, I think we may be heading towards more vegetarian choices quite soon….

The most interesting thing in the Pavilion apparently has nothing to do with poor old Prinny. It is Queen Victoria’s bed – with SEVEN mattresses, carefully counted!

4 thoughts on “Hic sunt dracones….”

      1. Sorry, my mistake, I had forgotten how magical Brighton is. Super photos BTW. I will get the grandchildren to the Pavilion sometime to do some dragon spotting and to count the copper pans in the kitchen. Thanks for reminding me.x


  1. Although I have visited Brighton it was for work so I didn’t unfortunately get time to visit the Pavilion. It is something that is pending though. I would certainly like to see these impressive lampshades! I had to laugh about Victoria’s seven mattresses and of course the question arose “What ever for”? “Were mattresses so bad in those days? keep well Amanda x


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