Playing with the dye pots again

(And I have the fingernails to prove it…)

Some dipped, some injected, some spattered, some painted with a brush…. no end of fun! The unwound skeins above are not yet finished, but they will end up as sock yarn and/or mini skeins. The samples at the top are on a new base of kid mohair lace weight. I like it, but it may be better suited to more pastel colours.

May in the UK has been utterly grim, weatherwise (at least in this corner of the South East – I haven’t travelled far). So indoor activities like the above are ideal. I use mostly acid dyes in England – much less messy than the natural plant materials or indigo that I prefer in France (where I can work outside, with proper SUN!)

I did get out walking today though – despite the chilly rain. I usually end up on the Downs or along the seafront but today I went Urban. I have been lucky enough to have lived in Brighton for my whole adult life – mostly right in the city centre – but there are still numerous back streets and little squares to discover. Because there are so many separate conservation areas, there is a lot of information online – so I set out like a proper tourist to explore. It is quite surprising how much you never notice till you actually look for it…I shall do more!

2 thoughts on “Playing with the dye pots again”

  1. Thank you for your comment on my latest post “Button Scrooge”. I shall be replying to it shortly .
    Impressive Yarn indeed and such a wonderful array of colours. Looking at the second row of yarns which look really soft and hazy…beautiful! Oh! yesss …the red particularly conjures up images of a light lacy crocheted shawl.
    It continues to rain here in Alicante which is quite off normal weather conditions for this time of the year but bountiful rain is always well received here. The new park in front of my place is looking green….not UK green but grass is sprouting. keep well Amanda x


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