Mosaic Monday: Floral Skye!

This is a bit of a test. I had decided to skip any post with June flowers in it because the serious photographer/gardeners are out there doing their stuff with spectacular results – stunning rose shots in particular – and I thought people might have had enough. But then I stumbled across this:

Normandy Life

and wondered if my little wild shots might count? The light was not great – bit of a mist – but I was impressed by the acid rhododendrons growing crazily all over the place, often on a background of equally violent yellow! Not colours I often put together in my spinning, but you never know… I do like that rather menacing gorse in the bottom picture. There were also a few orchids – and bluebells still flowering in June (pretty much finished here on the south coast by the end of April). I have been back several days now, but am still haunted by that trip to Skye – a great experience and fabulous views, but still somewhat intimidating. Maybe that’s how one SHOULD respond to Highland and Island scenery though!

To return to Normandy Life – do check out today’s Mosaic. It is on the theme of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth, known as Sissi. I found it particularly interesting as we seemed to follow this tragic woman all over Vienna a few months ago – there was a detailed exhibition in the Hofburg while we were there.

Circles, squares, lines, ripples… 

I have been trying to reduce the size of that link (!) but have decided to leave it in, as it turns out to be another mosaic anyway!

5 thoughts on “Mosaic Monday: Floral Skye!”

  1. Welcome to Mosaic Monday. I love wildflowers. Visiting the Isle of Skye seems like such a romantic and lovely thing to do, given the romance woven around it with Bonnie Prince Charlie.


  2. Beautiful images of Skye – the scenery and the wild flora remind me of a trip that we took over to Skye whilst staying in Kyle of Lochalsh many years ago. Thanks for sharing your visit there with the MM crowd this week, hope to see you again next time.


  3. You should never be intimidated to include your photos just ’cause of what other people are doing!!! As someone who uses her phone for all her shots (and therefore I know they are not always the best), I like to see what other ‘non-perfectionists’ are doing!!! Thanks for sharing Skye with us through Mosaic Monday.


    1. You are right, of course. It is just that I have seen so many extraordinarily good close-ups of dew bedecked blooms this week – prob. from fancy lenses…..!
      Thank you for commenting.


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